My name is Keith and I have been in the sign and t-shirt printing business for over 45 years. As a business owner, I have always been active in the creative design process and I'm an experienced graphic designer. I've been creating files for commercial vinyl cutting machines for many years and now, with the advent of cutting machines for the craft industry, such as the Cricut and Silhouette, that experience can be used to create files for all the crafters who are looking for new content in their projects.  

 This site is dedicated to providing creative art for crafters to use with their projects. I hope you get as much enjoyment using the files as I do in creating them. All of my images carefully crafted and digitized using the latest in graphics software and drawing applications on the iPad. Even my tribute files, commonly referred to as "fan art", are custom created. I use images I gather as guides only. I never "cut and paste" items from the internet. Every file is either originally created, redrawn or re-digitized. 

If, for any reason, you wish to contact me about anything on my site, you can email me at [email protected]. I review my emails daily and respond at my earliest opportunity.